Viva Paper Towels

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May the environmentalists strike me sideways for this, but I will not dry my face with a washcloth. No, ma’am. I am haunted by the imaginary dust particles that could have settled on aforementioned cloth, the residual detergent hiding deep in the denizens, and my fellow home-dwellers and/or guests who have touched my towel with filthy hands they consider “washed.” Viva’s are really soft and feel like a cloth. I pat my freshly washed face with one piece, then softly clean up any makeup that did not come off with my cleanser. I will not be swayed. I carry them in a Ziploc when I travel.  Call me insane. Thank you.

Here’s a link if you’re a doubter and want to dip your toe in the water: Viva Paper Towels

Here’s a link if you supersize the order and buy in bulk like the paranoid bitch I am: Supersize It

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