The Excursionist

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Alrighty, gals. We’ve hooked you up with all the odds and ends to make you look gorgeous for your perfect weekend away. But where are you going to stash all of your goodies? You didn’t think we’d leave you stranded, did ya? Sephora Collection’s The Excursionist might be the most supremely amazing makeup/hair travel case that ever existed. Big, but not TOO big, it literally has a nook and a cranny for ALL of the things, plus a built-in hanger, GASP. There’s a space for all of your brushes, your lotions, your potions, your creams, your makeup… it’s perfect. Plus all the compartments make it so spillage would be contained (thank you, PW gods!) If I could fit the Product Pup in there, my life would be complete! 😉 Buy It

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