Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

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I was having a “girly day” with a good friend, which, of course, always ends with dropping a pretty penny at our local Sephora. (She later said she knew the key to getting me out of my apartment on a Saturday afternoon was this one sentence, “Actually, I have to drop by Sephora, care to join me?” 🙂  We were picking out a nude lipstick for her, and I was doing my “know it all” routine, saying, “you have to pay a little more to get the right consistency. Matte is definitely out, but you don’t want it so creamy that it has no staying power…” I started to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, even to myself. Well, along comes a Sephora chick so cool, she didn’t even have to wear the Sephora outfit. She overheard our (ridiculous) conversation, and introduced us to the British line Soap & Glory (cool), which apparently has this amazing peptide and moisture-rich “gloss-stick” (cooler), that are just $16, last for eons, and after the inevitable try-on, are pretty much one of the best lip products out there (coolest). Friend got the nude, I got the plum, and we were both so thrilled about finding them, that we rewarded ourselves with more stuff. Wah-wah.  Buy It

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