It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask

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Thank the lord, I can now get my comb through my hair in the bathroom – and it doesn’t take 10 minutes! Recommended to me by hairstylist I trust. Product claims it will detangle, soften, defrizz, restore moisture and elasticity, impart luminous shine, enhance body and improve color vibrancy. Check, check and check.  Good for a hair mask, but since I only wash maybe twice a week, I actually use it as conditioner and just leave it on in the shower for several minutes while I attend to other biznet. Amazon has some GOOD prices on this. For the virgins, the 8 oz is $17.80 (you don’t need a lot of this product) Buy It

But once you are sold, go for the grande like me – 17.5 oz .  I also love the leave-in product, and that made my list of faves.

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