Crème de la Mer

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Are you smack-talking me ‘bout now? Eye rollin’? Not my fault! My husband got it for me years ago, I saw the light, and I’ve been justifying this purchase ever since. But I go stingy with it. I use it for a few nights before a big event and when my skin is dry.  It’s in the night rotation, but it’s not every night of the rotation. That said, I feel like a million when I use it. Mmm, just the thought of it makes me feel regal.

Full disclosure:  I have bought it on eBay and threatened the seller that I know the product well and have the nose of a bloodhound, so not to bother sending a fake. However these days, I’m too paranoid, so I just buy the real thing.

I do not buy any size over 2 oz, because over time I think it would get gross and contaminated. You could always transfer some into a smaller jar (thus dipping into the big one rarely), but still – I never go above 2 oz., $285.00 (1 oz., $155.00) (Note – I would not go for the moisturizing soft cream. If I’m dropping bucks, I want the main course. Buy It

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