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Sometimes I’m such a snore. Like now.  For a quick morning face wash, Cetaphil is it. Keep in mind I alwayssss wash my face at night, regardless of how much I drank, how tired I am, or whatever my work schedule or son might be doing to me at the time. Hello. Always. And you should, too! So the only dirt on your face (given you haven’t taken Ambien and gone for a nighttime wander-about) is your residual night moisturizer. Then there’s no need for harsh cleanser in the A.M., which will just dry you out! This is perfect.  (P.S. I wouldn’t think of using this to remove my makeup after a day of foundation, mascara and the like. NO. I think I tried once just to see how poorly it would do by swiping a cotton ball of astringent over my face after using it, and I could see every color of the rainbow on that ball. But for morning, it’s the cat’s meow. It’s also nice and gentle for your nether regions after a wax or Nair…)

16 FL OZ two-pack

For normal to oily skin: (I use the other one)

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