Product Review Category: SKINCARE

Love Lettuce


Here’s what a Sunday night looks like at my home: a glass of something red, my laptop, a cuddle with the pup, some Breaking Bad (RIP), and a face full of Lush’s Love Lettuce face mask. it’s made fresh and kept in the fridge, like produce. Ground almonds scrub like crazy (they’re not kidding around, it’s borderline abrasive) when you remove it, and there’s chlorophyll to make all of your Wicked fantasies come true. A total winner for under a tenner.

Skin’s Shangri La

Lush’s Skin’s Shangri La is one of those head scratchers. It’s SUPER rich, but sinks right in. Really soothing, but feels very active. The combination of rich essential oils and antioxidants cleared up any adult acne issues I had (what’s up with THAT, anyway?) while giving my skin a glowing clarity it hasn’t had in years. Trust me, this is one of the best anti-anging moisturizers out there, and and competitively priced. One piece of advice: gift this to a good friend: she will never thanking you 😉

Full of Grace

I discovered this very strange, very effective, all natural solid serum while on a 6 hour flight from NYC to Vancouver. My skin was so dry it was borderline painful. I searched and searched in my (STUFFED) carry-on and finally found this anti-oxidant packed little oval from Lush called Full of Grace. Desperate, I rubbed it all over my face (including lips) and by the time the in-flight movie was over (something with Adam Sandler in a dramatic turn… yikes) my face was dewy, supple, and happy. I now use it on dry patches or in the winter under my moisturizer religiously. TIp- keep it somewhere dry and cool, and in a case, or it will melt all over everything- not cute.

Eau Roma Water Toner

I know my fellow PWs, and I know what you’re thinking: Rose Water and Lavender? Pshht– What’s so special about that? Well it’s Lush’s Eau Roma Water, and it’s just about the best and most soothing toner I’ve used. Love it for after the gym, when the last thing you want to do is show your face to another member of the human race. Then, of course, you remember you need a caramel macchiato. 🙂

Let The Good Times Roll

Popcorn cleanser. Those words don’t exactly inspire feelings of desire in your average Product Whore. But trust me when I say, I literally counted the days until this tingling, scrubby, brightening, all-natural gem from Lush hit the shelves again for the holidays. Avoid the urge to hoard masses of from Jan-Sept, it does go bad. Let The Good Times Roll, indeed. 😉

Crème de la Mer

Are you smack-talking me ‘bout now? Eye rollin’? Not my fault! My husband got it for me years ago, I saw the light, and I’ve been justifying this purchase ever since. But I go stingy with it. I use it for a few nights before a big event and when my skin is dry.