Product Review Category: Anti-Aging

Gorgeous (Lush)


Lush also has an extravagant moisturizer called “Gorgeous” – which was quite nice and smelled heavenly. Twice the price of Shangri La

Skin’s Shangri La

Lush’s Skin’s Shangri La is one of those head scratchers. It’s SUPER rich, but sinks right in. Really soothing, but feels very active. The combination of rich essential oils and antioxidants cleared up any adult acne issues I had (what’s up with THAT, anyway?) while giving my skin a glowing clarity it hasn’t had in years. Trust me, this is one of the best anti-anging moisturizers out there, and and competitively priced. One piece of advice: gift this to a good friend: she will never thanking you 😉

Crème de la Mer

Are you smack-talking me ‘bout now? Eye rollin’? Not my fault! My husband got it for me years ago, I saw the light, and I’ve been justifying this purchase ever since. But I go stingy with it. I use it for a few nights before a big event and when my skin is dry.