Product Review Category: Nail Polish

Essie’s Fall 2013 Collection


WOW. These SOOOO need to be in my life right now. Check it- the Essie collection, Fall 2013. Winner of the the award for almost getting me out of my pajamas and out the door at 8:30pm(shut it)? “The Lace is On”. YES.

Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer (Marc Jacobs)

Something resembling common sense stopped me from collecting all of these gorg Marc Jacobs nail lacquers in my welcoming little arms and taking them to a very happy home. But having paid MJ many visits since his beauty line launched recently, things were getting pretty crowded on the shelves at home. I picked two beautiful colors (Glinda and Shocking), bonded with a fellow PW over our love of the new line, and called it a day. It did chip a little (but then, everything does on me) but in general, it’s a solid polish, and I love it for my toes. Score again, MJ!

Fairy Cake Nail Lacquer (Butter London)

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I MIGHT have quite a few glittery polishes in my arsenal at the current moment. That didn’t stop me, though, from snatching up Butter’s Fairy Cake Nail Lacquer faster than a misguided tween on her way to a Ke$ha concert. I couldn’t stop waving my nails to and fro in front of the light, that’s how pretty they were. Yes, I should consider getting out more. 🙂

Indigo Punk Nail Lacquer (Butter London)

I shall live out all of my punk rock fantasies this fall through this ridiculously gorgeous purple lacquer from Butter London. Anyone with me?