Product Review Category: Nail Base Coats & Top Coats

Deborah Lippman Wicked Set


Any secret Glindas or Elphabas out there? Defy Gravity with Deborah Lippman’s GOOOORRGEOUS nail set inspired by Broadway’s Wicked.

Deborah Lippman Gel Lab

Imagine my delight upon discovering Deborah Lippman’s Gel Lab, a top and base gel coat system I can apply in the privacy of my own home, in my PJs, cuddled up with my dog, drinking a glass of shiraz

Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat

A realization I came to WAY late in my PW career: I need a stronger focus on my nails. Thankfully, I found Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat. Thankfully, I can wear it alone to look a little more, ahem, polished, or under a color. And, thankfully, it’s $8. My nails, and my PW cred, have been stronger ever since. 🙂

Mirror Shine Top Coat (Sephora)

Gals, a Chipper like me needs all the protection she can get. Does Sephora’s Mirror Shine Top Coat ALWAYS, FOREVER and EVER protect against ANY chip and nick, EVER??!!! No. But it helps, and that’s all I was looking for. Plus, it’s 6 bucks, and mama’s not complaining about that!