Product Review Category: Face Brushes

Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush


I finally admitted I had a problem after I purchased not one, not two, but THREE Ambient Lighting Powders from Hourglass Cosmetics. But, wait– THAT wasn’t the problem! The problem was that I still hadn’t purchased the beautiful brush that resided right beside those powders, to apply them each and every day so effectively!!

Travel Essential Brush Set (SEPHORA)

I was extremely happy with this travel set of brushes from Sephora- 3 in total (foundation, eye, powder). All you need in life (or for an amazing weekend away….) in a cute little pouch. OH, and it’s $20, you say? Now I’m dancing a jig. 😉

Pop Up Travel Brush (Sephora)

A friend who was trying to cheer me up once handed me this neat looking contraption from Sephora, which looked and felt exactly like a compact. Lo and behold, pop this baby open and it pulls a Superman– a handy-dandy little travel comb lies inside.