Product Review Category: Lip Gloss

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Rosebud Salve


In every makeup artists toolbox. Very subtle color, a hint of rose scent (not overpowering), cult-fave. Multi-purpose lip balm does a million things in addition to lips, from soothing burns to diaper rash.

Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm

I dare you not to gain an instant little pep in your step, (and feel just a tad like that 50 Shades chick) with one swipe of this peachy pink gloss from one of our favorite brands, Nars. Orgasm has become a phenomenon (isn’t that fun to say??) with a whole little collection of products sharing the name and color scheme. The great thing is, the shade is flattering on everyone, and brings a fading complexion that may need a little “oomph”, to life. Hey, it’s always fun to keep your co-workers guessing, right?? 😉

Rosebud Salve (Minted Rose)

Of all the Rosebud Salves that I know and love, (and oh, friends, there are many…) the minted rose is my very, very favorite. This is my by far my most frequent Sephora impulse purchase (and again, there are many…). As I’m sure legions of PWs already know, any Rosebud Salve will fix a sore mouth in a jiff, but it’s also great on rough skin, can heal a blemish, and will give tired skin a healthy glow. Truly a PW Hall of Famer!

Cubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Oh, the conundrum of the lip STICK. The moisturizing formulas keep the lips supple and smooth, but any hint of color is gone after your first Americano, and the formulas with a heavier concentration of color dry the hizzle out of your kisser. Clinique’s Chubby Stick (what a name…) Moisturizing Lip Balm strikes a fairly even balance, with a nice, creamy texture, and color that MIGHT get you through your second Starbucks run. (Mega Melon FTW!)


Not every piece in Lush’s Emotional Brilliance color line are winners. (Look at “Lifted”. Then, look away.) And not all the colors go on very well. However, Perspective, a lip (and cheek!) color wins all around. Great texture, vegan, looks amazing on everyone.
True story– I was on a business trip and forgot my makeup bag (HORRORS!!). I got through the week with this color from Lush, a BB cream from Cover Girl, and a concealer from MAC. (Don’t worry, I went back to being the high maintenance PW you know and love the next week 🙂