Product Review Category: Sponges & Applicators

Sephora Cellulose Sponge Set


Imagine digging into your kitchen sink and grabbing the dish sponge. Then washing your face with it. And that, in a nutshell, is what it’s like to use Sephora’s Cellulose Sponge Set. These are meant for face washing. No. Stay away.

Sephora The Sculptor Makeup Sponge

I couldn’t resist the cuteness of both the shape and color of Sephora’s The Sculptor Makeup Sponge. Unfortunately, I was “meh” on both the process and final result.

Sephora Precision Sponge

I’m not sure that Sephora’s Precision Sponge was all that precise. I found it to be a little clunky and hard to use. Yes, it’s less expensive than other sponges, but don’t let that deter you, especially if you don’t have pro hands, like yours truly. I gave up and went back to using my fingers. WOOPS.

Laura Mercier Sponges

A 4 pack of high quality sponges from Laura Mercier. This will set you back $15, but hey, if you’re at Sephora and in a pinch, I find them way better than the ones from the drug store that crumble on your face.


Someone said that when applying makeup, your fingers are your best tools. Well, the lazy gal in me held on to that theory for years, even though this cute little pink beauty (AKA the “Beauty Blender”) kept staring me down at the Sephora till.