Product Review Category: FACE

Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction (Alterna)


I drank the Alterna Caviar Kool Aid, folks. It started with a tiny, $8 travel sized bottle of their phenomenal conditioner. I came back a week later for the full sized bottle. While picking that up, I saw this intriguing product, a leave-in CC cream… FOR THE HAIR.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder

Talc-free. Leaves my skin looking flawless and does not settle into fine lines. A little goes a long way and finishes my look beautifully.

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation

The bomb diggety of foundation. I use it anytime I need to up my game, or I’m attending something worth my more “expensive” face (hey, ‘tis true, and on days like this, my routine starts with the La Mer route…)

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

My tried and true, inexpensive foundation option. Blends beautifully and looks just as natural as foundations double and triple the price.

Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream (with SPF 50)

This looks dewy, so if you are very oily, you may not like it. I love it. If you live anywhere near Kiehl’s or a Kiehl’s counter, they are generous with samples and this sample lasted me about two weeks before I broke down and bought it. It does much more than a tinted moisturizer, and looks extremely natural.

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (MAC)

It creased on me. Do I really need to say more? Just kidding, I will 😀 Although I’m much more of a dewy gal, there are occasions I’m feeling the matte. What is not cute, is the powder-settling-into-lines look. While MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation provided nice, full coverage, it was a little too “I might become a mummy later today, care to follow me to my tomb?” for me. Returned, I’m not so sad to say. :/

Pro Longwear Foundation (MAC)

I haven’t had a “Goldilocks” moment with a MAC foundation, and their Pro Longwear Foundation was no exception. One is too cakey, not the right color, makes me itchy… just never quite right. I bought this because I was having one of those “is BB enough??” moments, but it made my skin look dull, kinda orange, and unfortunately, a blemish the size of a small pet appeared to take residence on my cheek the next morning. Therefore, I marched my cakey, orange, and blemished butt back to MAC the next day to exchange it for my beloved Blot Powder (which I highly recommend to PWs, near and far). Crisis (somewhat) averted!

Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

I think I’m one of those Product Whore Unicorns who actually WANTS oil in their makeup. I desire that dewy, glowy look at all times, even in the summer. That said, there are times you’d like your makeup to look incredibly pristine and budge-proof, and Clinique’s Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup is definitely good for that. The shade selection is vast, and it definitely stayed put for the day. Alas, I had to pile on the moisturizer to keep my skin from becoming parchment paper… I’ll just always be a dewy girl at heart, Clinique. 🙂

9 to 5 (Lush)

Don’t judge, gals. There was a period of time where my face didn’t see water for a good 30 days. Call it being “busy” if you will, or call it what it was- “Extreme Laziness”. Anyhoo- during that time, I kept a bottle of Lush’s 9 to 5 cleansing lotion by my bedside with some swisspers (and a bag of red Swedish Fish, but I digress…) and this was how I cleansed my skin each night before bed. It took all of 2 minutes, my skin was super soft (but not oily) and I experienced nary a blemish, despite these admittedly bad habits. (Still love the 9 to 5, tossed the Swedish Fish- much to my dentist’s delight…:)


Not every piece in Lush’s Emotional Brilliance color line are winners. (Look at “Lifted”. Then, look away.) And not all the colors go on very well. However, Perspective, a lip (and cheek!) color wins all around. Great texture, vegan, looks amazing on everyone.
True story– I was on a business trip and forgot my makeup bag (HORRORS!!). I got through the week with this color from Lush, a BB cream from Cover Girl, and a concealer from MAC. (Don’t worry, I went back to being the high maintenance PW you know and love the next week 🙂