Product Review Category: Blush

Smashbox O Glow Cheek Glow


It’s the blush equivalent of a mood ring, and I’m sorry, but the tweenie side of me could not resist. If the color it turns your fingers is any indication, things could get scary (aka: hot pink) quick. But no– once, the gel works it’s magic, you have a beautiful, healthy glow that’s hard to get wrong. I ended up building up about three times to get that “no, really, I was a responsible adult last night!” look and the color was stunning. Another benefit for the time-challenged? It looks just as gorgeous on the lips and eyes.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder: Diffused

Cursed are those harsh fluorescent lights on our poor, dehydrated skin. You could hide in the utility closet all day (strongly considered it), or you could carry around this lifesaver from Hourglass. Just a little dusting over your foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB cream is enough to make you look like you’ve suddenly acquired your own personal lighting designer, or an inner dimmer switch. This is a definite winner.


Not every piece in Lush’s Emotional Brilliance color line are winners. (Look at “Lifted”. Then, look away.) And not all the colors go on very well. However, Perspective, a lip (and cheek!) color wins all around. Great texture, vegan, looks amazing on everyone.
True story– I was on a business trip and forgot my makeup bag (HORRORS!!). I got through the week with this color from Lush, a BB cream from Cover Girl, and a concealer from MAC. (Don’t worry, I went back to being the high maintenance PW you know and love the next week 🙂