Product Review Category: BB Cream & CC Cream

Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream


Let’s get real Garnier- you call something a “Miracle”, and this PW is gonna expect a hell of a lot. Take your BB Cream, for example. The first sign of a problem were the two, yes, count ’em, TWO, shades that were available.

Dior Hydra Life BB Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Dior doesn’t mess around. These folk give us what they give us– a fabulous BB Creme (Hydra Life with SPF 30) … in just three shades. Alrighty then. Kinda annoying, but whatever, it’s Dior.

Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm

Lancome Bienfait Tiente is the caviar of BBs- Deeply hydrating, yet not sticky, and oh so fraunch. (go ahead, say it with your Pepe La Pew accent!). My only complaint is the “one shade fits all” options. Still, this is the upper tier of the BB world, and feels heavenly on the skin.

Ole Henrikson CC Cream

When BB cream just isn’t enough. We’ve all had those days. A night you’ll never forget turns into a day you pray will end as quickly as possible. This fabulous color corrector (music to my uneven skin-toned ears!) from Ole Henrikson will fix the previous night’s transgressions faster than a speeding (iced) red eye. So grateful my favorite gal from Sephora on the Upper West Side of NYC hooked me up with a deluxe sample of this, as it fast became one of my bad skin day fixer-uppers. Added bonus- SPF 30, yahoo!

Too Faced BB Cream

Nothing screams “I misbehaved last night” than a cake-y mask of foundation. A much better option is a BB cream which is, in this PW’s opinion, the best invention since dry shampoo. You’ll see improvements in your skin over time, but you’ll also look great immediately, score!! I love the formula, too–the coverage is just enough, my skin feels super soft, and I feel like I’ve seen an improvement in dark spots. TIP- if things have really headed south, you can always spot treat with foundation.:)

Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction (Alterna)

I drank the Alterna Caviar Kool Aid, folks. It started with a tiny, $8 travel sized bottle of their phenomenal conditioner. I came back a week later for the full sized bottle. While picking that up, I saw this intriguing product, a leave-in CC cream… FOR THE HAIR.

Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream (with SPF 50)

This looks dewy, so if you are very oily, you may not like it. I love it. If you live anywhere near Kiehl’s or a Kiehl’s counter, they are generous with samples and this sample lasted me about two weeks before I broke down and bought it. It does much more than a tinted moisturizer, and looks extremely natural.