Product Review Category: EYES

Line Smoothing Concealer


I’m sorry to say… Meh, Clinique, meh: Your Line Smoothing Concealer both failed to conceal (my dark circles) nor smooth my lines. What it DID do was feel uber heavy and look thick and mask-like under my eyes. Back to the drawing board for my most coveted product ever: the perfect concealer for dark circles. Do you have suggestions for me, PWs??

Eyes Right

Eyes Right? Yep. Lush’s mascara actually got me into wearing the stuff again after I thought I may have broken up with mascara for good. The brush is a little hard to get used to (i.e., short) but not a dealbreaker. The wheatgrass is wonderful for the lashes, and although the look is more natural and less dramatic than other formulas, I love it for a daytime look.

9 to 5 (Lush)

Don’t judge, gals. There was a period of time where my face didn’t see water for a good 30 days. Call it being “busy” if you will, or call it what it was- “Extreme Laziness”. Anyhoo- during that time, I kept a bottle of Lush’s 9 to 5 cleansing lotion by my bedside with some swisspers (and a bag of red Swedish Fish, but I digress…) and this was how I cleansed my skin each night before bed. It took all of 2 minutes, my skin was super soft (but not oily) and I experienced nary a blemish, despite these admittedly bad habits. (Still love the 9 to 5, tossed the Swedish Fish- much to my dentist’s delight…:)