Product Review Category: Eye Shadow

STILA Jewel Eye Shadow


You’ve scooped something up faster than you can redeem your VIB points. Sign, we’ve all been there. (Right??) For me, that something sparkly was Stila Jewel Eye Shadow.

Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow

There are a zillion awesome reasons to buy Buxom’s Stay-There Eye Shadow, but for the sake of time and space, I’m just going to give you the top three.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow

A new first in my PW career. I stalked a makeup artist from Bobbi Brown all the way back to her counter to ask her what she had on her eyes. So I could buy it immediately. Do I hang my head in shame? Nope, I hold it up proudly, because my eyelids now shine and glimmer with Sparkle Eye Shadow (in Pebble- but every shade is gorgeous, and wearable). Thanks, girl. And I promise, I won’t make this a habit. 😉

MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl

This eye color base is one of my makeup bag staples. A little of this ultra creamy formula in the corners of your eyes, on the tops of your cheekbones, or right under your brows can take you from Scary Potential Subway Murderess to … whoever Zooey Deschanel is playing these days on network TV. 😉

Paints (M.A.C.)

EEK–Eye Paints from MAC!! These used to be my go-to eye primer, or, wear alone minimalist eye look, until MAC’s flashier cousins took their place and I completely forgot about them! I recently found one and remembered why I loved them so much. The color stays on very well, and whatever you put on top will stick like buttah. Now, I implore all PWs to scour the bottoms of their makeup bags for hidden treasures and tell us what you find! <3

Glitter (M.A.C.)

Can MAC’s Glitter be worn by anyone other than a drag queen or a tween? Well I tested that out recently, so (I suppose) the answer is yes… Usually I prefer my glitter both more subtle, and more on the solid side. This falls into neither category, although it’s very eye-catching and very pretty. Oh, and very messy. Cute, But It’ll probably stay in my “special occasion” bag, only to emerge on drag queen bingo night.

Eye Shadow (M.A.C.)

What Product Whore hasn’t walked into a MAC, and had a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory moment? Don’t we all feel like Violet, ready to binge on those rows and rows of gorgeous eyeshadows?? (and hey, go crazy and turn yourself blue, there’s more than enough shades to choose from! 😀