Product Review Category: Concealer



Dare I say my high maintenance days are over? (Hear me out…) The last time I traveled I only packed ONE concealer, instead of what i usually do, which is one for my undereye circles and one for my blemishes. YSL’s Anti Cernes Multi Action Concealer is a powerhouse that somehow manages to be creamy enough to look natural under the eyes and pigmented enough to cover imperfections on the face.

Feeling Younger Skin Tint (LUSH)

A vegan, light reflecting tint with oatmeal and jojoba oil? Oh, Lush. You know me so well– can’t handle the hard stuff. Mix a little of this with your eye cream, then a little concealer after that dries. VOILA.

Mineralize Concealer (MAC)

MAC’s Mineralize Concealer goes firmly in my “meh” list of concealers that have failed to tackle the challenge of bringing down my dark circles. First of all, H-A-T-E the applicator brush. Why, MAC, why?? When I haven’t had an ounce of caffeine yet, how on earth would you expect me to maneuver a .00000132425 inch brush in the corners of my eyes??? If that wasn’t enough, the coverage was just lame-o, and not equal to their other concealers I’ve entrusted with this monstrous feat of coverage. We (the dark circles and I) will be moving on.

Line Smoothing Concealer

I’m sorry to say… Meh, Clinique, meh: Your Line Smoothing Concealer both failed to conceal (my dark circles) nor smooth my lines. What it DID do was feel uber heavy and look thick and mask-like under my eyes. Back to the drawing board for my most coveted product ever: the perfect concealer for dark circles. Do you have suggestions for me, PWs??