Product Review Category: Lip Balm & Treatments

Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm


I’ve just discovered the line Soap & Glory, and I’m kinda really freaking happy about it- great ingredients, affordable, and a great range of products to choose from, including my new favorite lip balm- A Great Kisser (Yup).

The Lip Scrub (Sara Happ)

The directions say to massage (scrub ) it vigorously on your lips and then remove, but I leave it on when I’m blow drying my hair and then remove . Your lips will be smooothh like butter, thanks to the exfoliating sugar crystals, and the scent/taste that stays with you for a while will get rave reviews from the Man – you’re welcome.

Lipdrink (Jane Iredale)

I was shopping for Jane Iredale’s mineral make-up when the sales gal sold me on Youngblood instead ( obvi, she was a fellow product whore) but gave me sample of Jane Iredale’s lipdrink and self adjusting lip and cheek color. She was a smart productwhore/sales gal – I am hooked on both. The lipdrink provides hydration like no other and the self adjusting lip and cheek color are convenient and effective when pressed for time.

Honey Trap (LUSH)

This lip balm is the cat’s meow – great for soothing dry, chapped lips. I love how I can put it on at night and still feel it in the morning. The smell is not overpowering – it’s just pleasant and slightly sweet.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

In every makeup artists toolbox. Very subtle color, a hint of rose scent (not overpowering), cult-fave. Multi-purpose lip balm does a million things in addition to lips, from soothing burns to diaper rash.

Rosebud Salve (Minted Rose)

Of all the Rosebud Salves that I know and love, (and oh, friends, there are many…) the minted rose is my very, very favorite. This is my by far my most frequent Sephora impulse purchase (and again, there are many…). As I’m sure legions of PWs already know, any Rosebud Salve will fix a sore mouth in a jiff, but it’s also great on rough skin, can heal a blemish, and will give tired skin a healthy glow. Truly a PW Hall of Famer!

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Here’s the scenario: Your have red wine mouth, and it’s 7am. No bueno. Enter mint julips lip scrub. Just a little sugar and essential oils here, and the mint will freshen your breath…well, thank you very much! So, no mess, because it’s natural and entirely edible, and now you can even put on a little lip gloss without looking like a total freak! Oh, AND the tell-tale freaky purple lip ring is gone. BAM.

Cubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Oh, the conundrum of the lip STICK. The moisturizing formulas keep the lips supple and smooth, but any hint of color is gone after your first Americano, and the formulas with a heavier concentration of color dry the hizzle out of your kisser. Clinique’s Chubby Stick (what a name…) Moisturizing Lip Balm strikes a fairly even balance, with a nice, creamy texture, and color that MIGHT get you through your second Starbucks run. (Mega Melon FTW!)

Full of Grace

I discovered this very strange, very effective, all natural solid serum while on a 6 hour flight from NYC to Vancouver. My skin was so dry it was borderline painful. I searched and searched in my (STUFFED) carry-on and finally found this anti-oxidant packed little oval from Lush called Full of Grace. Desperate, I rubbed it all over my face (including lips) and by the time the in-flight movie was over (something with Adam Sandler in a dramatic turn… yikes) my face was dewy, supple, and happy. I now use it on dry patches or in the winter under my moisturizer religiously. TIp- keep it somewhere dry and cool, and in a case, or it will melt all over everything- not cute.