Product Review Category: Hair Styling Tools

The Double Detangler Comb by Ouidad


This comb is GREAT for knots in my thick wavy hair. For me to shell out $24 bucks for this comb, and buy ANOTHER for my gym bag and yet ANOTHER for my travel bag (which I keep packed at all times because packing products when traveling is migraine-inducing) – you know I think it’s the cat’s meow. I have tried a ton of the other Ouidad products, but I can’t say I love ‘em. However if you have a mop of easily-tangled hair like me and you spend way too much time brushing conditioner through it, use this comb during or after your shower.

Goody Ouchless Elastic Thick Hairbands

These ponytail holders stretch well, hold tight, and no hair breakage. They lose their shape over time (which ones don’t?), but they are cheap enough. I like the thick ones way better than the thin ones.