Product Review Category: HAIR

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel


Gals, may I suggest that once in a blue while, when on vacay, let that mane air dry. Your locks will thank you, and you will save precious pool/spa/mimosa/friend/significant other time. I’ve found your bestie to accomplish the task: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel.

Bumble and bumble Super Rich Conditioner

I’ve been a Bumble and bumble fan since my tween years–seems like mere minutes ago! Their Super Rich Conditioner was another mad, Super Market Sweep-like scoop on my way to catch the Long Island Rail Road to my eastbound weekend destination.

ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray

You put the words “Anti Aging” in front of anything and you automatically have my attention. Alterna is already on my “hell yeah” list for their amazing Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner, so when I saw their travel size Anti Aging Working Hair Spray on the Sephora check out line, I grabbed it, hoping that it would hold my blow out in place for the next day or two.

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

I’d been using the same crappy $3.99 Goody comb to work through my curls for years. Thankfully a friend told me about Ouidad Double Detangler Comb, and it has been one of my most beloved traveling companions ever since.

Rose Jam Shower Gel (LUSH)

Ok, this shower gel smells amazing. It was not a cloying-type scent (I do think some of the Lush products can be a bit much to handle.) It’s just really rosy and sweet and yummy. It was also pretty moisturizing. Major con is that it’s limited addition and kinda pricey.

psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo

I’m a dry shampoo aficionado. And let’s be real- it’s not something that I’m going to spend the big bucks on. Imagine my delight when 1) I discovered psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo and 2) discovered it came in a formula for Curly/Wavy gals such as moi! Quelle Surprise!! It worked just as well as the original formula, and since it’s a spray formula, I used it to scrunch a bit. Apparently Argan Oil (hello, “IT” oil of the moment!) helps condition the curls. I’m a fan. Again.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo is the good, reliable guy you always come back to. Flashier versions may have popped up from time to time, but this one is so tried and true and dependable, that it makes sense to go back. Follow up with Hydrate Conditioner, and well, why ever stray again?

Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray

This is the best hairspray ever. I don’t really think there’s too much more to say. OK…you know me better than that. You get a great hold, but not too MUCH hold. Perfect for updos, or to eat up excess oils when you’re trying to hang on desperately to your blow out. All around fabulous, PW hall of fame-worthy.

Lanza Healing Trauma Treatment

A couple of years ago I fried the hell out of my hair. It happens to the best of us, but it was still pretty embarrassing. A combination of poor nutrition, stress and what had become an almost co-dependent relationship with my colorist turned my once gorgeous highlights into Britney, post-breakdown.

Sheer Blonde Colour Preserving Conditioner

Blonde sisters, listen up: For an affordable maintenance option, I’ve always trusted Mr. Frieda to keep my locks shiny and tangle free. Lately, I’m diggin’ his Sheer Blonde Colour Preserving Conditioner for keeping the brass in check. Anything that gets the comb through keeps me happy. Score.