Product Review Category: Origins

Modern Friction (Origins)


Awesome exfoliator worth every cent! When I was sniffing around Origins, the salesperson gave me a shpeal about how coarse crystals in some exfoliants break blood vessels and other scary facts that had me riveted and desirous of protecting my vessels right away. I buckled and bought it. Survey says… LOVE IT and have purchased for many a friend.

Starting Over Age-Erasing Eye Cream with Mimosa (Origins)

Good for soft, moisturized, less crepey skin around the eyes. This product made my eye cream rotation. Also nice under makeup – not too shiny.

Starting Over Facial Moisturizer (Origins)

I cycle through my moisturizers, and this makes the cut for my day rotation. It’s a lovely moisturizer and goes on great under makeup. I could list all the bad crap it does not have in it as bragging points, or you can research it yourselves. I just like the hell out of it.