Product Review Category: Lush

Happy Happy, Joy Joy


“Who smells so freaking good??” And so it went recently as I waited to buy my Q-tips at 11:30pm on a recent Tuesday evening. And so it will go every time I use this conditioner, Happy Happy, Joy Joy, from Lush. And with you, so run out immediately: this kind of attention = GOOD. The smell is intoxicatingly beautiful- it IS called hair PERFUME, after all.


Trichomania from Lush is made from creamed coconut, which is great for the hair, and is simple to use, once you get the hang of it. Wet your head, then rub, lather, rinse. Much less scary than the camping. :/

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Here’s the scenario: Your have red wine mouth, and it’s 7am. No bueno. Enter mint julips lip scrub. Just a little sugar and essential oils here, and the mint will freshen your breath…well, thank you very much! So, no mess, because it’s natural and entirely edible, and now you can even put on a little lip gloss without looking like a total freak! Oh, AND the tell-tale freaky purple lip ring is gone. BAM.

Feeling Younger Skin Tint (LUSH)

A vegan, light reflecting tint with oatmeal and jojoba oil? Oh, Lush. You know me so well– can’t handle the hard stuff. Mix a little of this with your eye cream, then a little concealer after that dries. VOILA.

Gorgeous (Lush)

Lush also has an extravagant moisturizer called “Gorgeous” – which was quite nice and smelled heavenly. Twice the price of Shangri La


As a proud member of the Milky White Crew, I have to be super careful about bronzers, self tanners, or anything else that could adjust the natural fair tone of my skin and turn me from Cate Blanchett to George Hamilton. Lush makes a gorgeous dusting powder that not only eats up excess oil, but gives a golden, yet natural glow. Perfect for the winter when us Pale Gals need to turn up our inner J-Lo.

Eyes Right

Eyes Right? Yep. Lush’s mascara actually got me into wearing the stuff again after I thought I may have broken up with mascara for good. The brush is a little hard to get used to (i.e., short) but not a dealbreaker. The wheatgrass is wonderful for the lashes, and although the look is more natural and less dramatic than other formulas, I love it for a daytime look.

Vanillary Perfume

Sometimes I think I haven’t changed since I was 5 years old, meaning, I still love cupcakes, and I still love to smell like cupcakes. The warm, buttery toffee-vanilla smell of Lush’s Vanillary perfume takes me to a happy place of my youth that not many other scents can. Plus, it never fails that men will compliment and flirt with me when I wear it- so yes, I wear it a lot. 😀

9 to 5 (Lush)

Don’t judge, gals. There was a period of time where my face didn’t see water for a good 30 days. Call it being “busy” if you will, or call it what it was- “Extreme Laziness”. Anyhoo- during that time, I kept a bottle of Lush’s 9 to 5 cleansing lotion by my bedside with some swisspers (and a bag of red Swedish Fish, but I digress…) and this was how I cleansed my skin each night before bed. It took all of 2 minutes, my skin was super soft (but not oily) and I experienced nary a blemish, despite these admittedly bad habits. (Still love the 9 to 5, tossed the Swedish Fish- much to my dentist’s delight…:)

Love Lettuce

Here’s what a Sunday night looks like at my home: a glass of something red, my laptop, a cuddle with the pup, some Breaking Bad (RIP), and a face full of Lush’s Love Lettuce face mask. it’s made fresh and kept in the fridge, like produce. Ground almonds scrub like crazy (they’re not kidding around, it’s borderline abrasive) when you remove it, and there’s chlorophyll to make all of your Wicked fantasies come true. A total winner for under a tenner.