Product Review Category: Fragrance for Body

Love Solid Perfume


“Love” perfume from Lush is my number one scent of all time, the tart apple scent is the freshest and most feminine I’ve ever sniffed. However, I’m a klutz. I have spilled more bottles of perfume into suitcases than I have glasses of Shiraz on white sundresses. (i.e., a LOT.)

Caudalie Divine Oil

Ths is a multipurpose dry oil that I prefer as an office friendly , daytime scent in the summer, and a hydrating hair and cuticle saver in the winter. Smells amazing, and a crowd pleaser.

Villa Lusso Capri body mist

But if you want something with a hint of softness reminiscent of the sea, this is just beautiful. Owner Carducci describes it as “sweet olive and amber rose, hints of hydrangea and cassis

L’Occitane Lavender Organic Relaxing Roll-On

The person who gave me this organic lavender roll from L’Occitane right before a happy hour that lasted for 7 hours has since become a friend for life. Since you never know where life (or a fabulous evening out with your favorite people) will take you, having a little piece of relaxation in your pocket at all times is highly underrated. The smell instantly makes me think of my friend, and this makes it one of my favorite products, and lavender one of my favorite scents. Lesson learned? Well, first, YOLO! And of course, pay it forward gals!! xo

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Rollerball Fragrance

I dare you not to emerge from a Monday- (or Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) too-many-bellinis-good-time-but-I-have-to-make-it-through-the-work-day coma with this gorgeous grapefruit-apple blossom roller from our man who does it all, MJ. Since the roller is a light concentration of fragrance, it won’t overpower your sure-to-be delicate senses, or annoy those around you. Reapply often, girlies, and liberally, for an instant mood lifter.

Vanillary Perfume

Sometimes I think I haven’t changed since I was 5 years old, meaning, I still love cupcakes, and I still love to smell like cupcakes. The warm, buttery toffee-vanilla smell of Lush’s Vanillary perfume takes me to a happy place of my youth that not many other scents can. Plus, it never fails that men will compliment and flirt with me when I wear it- so yes, I wear it a lot. 😀