Product Review Category: BATH + BODY

Love Solid Perfume


“Love” perfume from Lush is my number one scent of all time, the tart apple scent is the freshest and most feminine I’ve ever sniffed. However, I’m a klutz. I have spilled more bottles of perfume into suitcases than I have glasses of Shiraz on white sundresses. (i.e., a LOT.)

Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream

I’m not entirely sure what “Seaberry” is supposed to smell like, but I do know Fresh Restorative Body Cream instantly transported me to an all inclusive tropical resort

Beautiful Belly Balm (WISEWAYS HERBALS)

An excellent balm for dry skin, and for a pregnant body to prevent and heal stretch marks. Also keeps the itchies away. It’s gooey – but that’s what I want in a belly balm. Kept stretch marks away.

Celebrate (Rich Champagne Lotion – LUSH)

This rich, creamy body lotion is deliciously hydrating (thanks to almond oil and cocoa butter) and lovely on my sniffer.

Rose Jam Shower Gel (LUSH)

Ok, this shower gel smells amazing. It was not a cloying-type scent (I do think some of the Lush products can be a bit much to handle.) It’s just really rosy and sweet and yummy. It was also pretty moisturizing. Major con is that it’s limited addition and kinda pricey.

Caudalie Divine Oil

Ths is a multipurpose dry oil that I prefer as an office friendly , daytime scent in the summer, and a hydrating hair and cuticle saver in the winter. Smells amazing, and a crowd pleaser.

African Black Soap

$8.00/bar and the one product never mentioned in 10 years of dermatologists appointments . There are other brands with components of the African black soap but this is the purist I’ve found to date. BONUS – it tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite – its not just for your face!

Villa Lusso Capri body mist

But if you want something with a hint of softness reminiscent of the sea, this is just beautiful. Owner Carducci describes it as “sweet olive and amber rose, hints of hydrangea and cassis

French Barbie Lavender Cupcake Lavender Soap

This cupcake is a sweet hostess gift. The smell is yummy and it looks damn cute in the guest bathroom. The shape is odd for a full-suds-up in the shower. But a nice alt to a bottle of wine or a candle when arriving NOT empty-handed (which really, more people need to learn how to do…)

Votivo Red Currant Candle

Ok fine, this is not a beauty product. But I light this delicious candle when I’m putting on my makeup or taking a bath, and the luscious smell fills the room. A truly awesome gift. Always good to keep a few extra in your gift drawer, you organized beast, you. (50 hour burn time, 6.8 oz.)