For Indie Brands

One of the key features of the site will be a strong focus on indie brands.  Of course, we’ll review the tried and true brands we all know and love.  But there are products out there being developed by cosmetic entrepreneurs that are every bit as good as the established brands. Their ingredients go neck in neck with the big guys, but they spend less (sometimes nada) on marketing and advertising. They just put all profit back into product quality and inventory. So how are we PW’s supposed to find them? They’re hiding out in the depths of Brooklyn and the hills of Austin. There they lurk in their labs (and apartments), mixing up miracle potions and elixirs, doing their research on how to make us PW look and feel divine. Our site is discovering those indie brands and helping them spread their message. Oh, and keeping them in business!

If you are an entrepreneur with your own cosmetics, line, or if you love an indie brand, please drop us a line.  Tell us who you are and send us your very best to review. Touch base here: Contact Us