How a Sweet Southern Belle Built a Successful Makeup Brand with $100


BarbFBPicThe moment Barb Huffman sold her first piece of makeup, she jumped up and down and went running down the stairs to her husband, screaming, “I sold a jar of foundation! Honey, I sold a jar of foundation!”

“I felt like I’d won the jackpot,” says Barb, telling the story with as much joy as if it had happened 10 minutes ago. That was 2004, shortly after she’d invested $100 to start her business. Her first sales were through eBay.

In the early days, Barb literally made each jar of mineral makeup one by one. She would order half an ounce of raw materials at a time and mix tablespoons of each ingredient using a little coffee bean grinder from Walmart. Once she sold one item, the profit would go toward making the next item. And that’s how Barb grew her business—one jar at a time. [Read more…]

The Accidental Beauty Entrepreneur


How “Horror Movie” Hair Inspired her Award-Winning Line

When you discover beauty products named “Suga Suga Woo! Woo!” or “Hooray for Brallywood Butta,” you just have to hear more about the creative mind behind them. In this case, the brains behind the brand is Blaire Kessler, a former model and Miss Winston Cup. [Read more…]

Mistakes before Perfection: The Philosophy that Built a Booming Beauty Brand

At three years old, concert pianist Angela Jia Kim began learning a lesson that would later catapult her entrepreneurial ventures. She cultivated her talent by following the same routine with every new piece of music: learn it, memorize it, perform it.

Making mistakes was simply part of the process. [Read more…]

Weekend Away

weekendaway_3 arrowThere are few things more precious than the weekend away. The countdown begins on Friday at about, oh… 8:17am. And whether you’re going to Montauk, or Puerto Vallarta, one thing is certain… if you don’t pack every last lotion, lipstick, gel, balm and serum, you’re going to be one unhappy Product Whore. Fear not, gorgeous gals!

We’ve been there, and we’re here for ya. Take notes, because we’ve complied a list of faves to get you through those 48+ hours of responsibility-free, carb and wine-filled heaven, looking like the glamour puss you were meant to be!

[Read more…]

Pinup Girls, Lotions and Potions . . . Ooh La La!


If you visit the Margarita Bloom website, you’ll get an instant dose of fun, whimsy and retro glamour.

Of course, it’s also nice to be greeted with “Hello, gorgeous!” amid 1940s pinup girls. [Read more…]

Out Too Late

outtoolateWe’ve all been there kittens. A fabulous night out on the town- champagne, friends, a cab ride home at 5am, and then falling into bed (perhaps face down in clothes and this season’s leather booties) with a full, contented smile on your face. It’s heaven on earth!! …Oh. Until an hour later, when your alarm goes off. You hit snooze. You hit snooze again. And again. Finally, you roll out from under your duvet, complete with raccoon eyes and a sheet imprint down one side of your face.
You think this hasn’t happened to us? It’s so fresh in our memory, in fact, that we’ve compiled the ULTIMATE “Out Too Late” must-have Product List. Just so you can hit snooze one more time, Party Gals! [Read more…]

Leyna’s List

leynas listLook, who the hell am I to claim this list is the be-all and end-all? A Shameless Product Whore, that’s who! But really, I’m openminded and always experimenting. So this List of My Gold Star Faves will evolve. In fact, I have a list of many more that need to be added.  So if I have missed something you’d bring to a desert island, don’t be shy. Pester the hell out of me to try it HERE.  I love when other PW’s share my passion. Now enjoy go lather, slather, and shmear some of my faves!! [Read more…]