Leyna Juliet Weber 5392R100dpiWHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE’RE ABOUT…

I am Leyna Juliet Weber and I am a product whore (Sympathetic unison:  “Hi, Leyna.”) There it is. I’m also an actress, writer, and co-founder of the production company, WorkingBug.com; life-long reader of beauty rags, bargain enthusiast, and skin care fanatic. After all, as my loveable and blunt [read: abrasive and unapologetic] Jewish Grandma always says, “You don’t see brains from across the room.”

How am I qualified to be the Chief Product Whore? I’m simply a consumer and lover of products. As an actor, I’ve had my makeup done countless times. Some actors relax in the makeup chair, but not me. I watch closely and ask tons of questions. Why this concealer? Is this eye shadow really worth 30 bucks? And finally, please just let me do my own mascara. The good artists understand. And the good ones are indeed artists.


Our medicine cabinets overfloweth. We have the best of intentions to finish one product before moving on, but the temptation of a new jar just kills us. You have your next eye cream waiting in the wings before you finish the one in play. And you have high hopes for it. You do! Your glass is half full. You read a review on a new concoction, and you’ve plotted your next move. You organized little planner, you. You’re an optimistic archivist and an influential, well-studied beauty informant. A Product Whore is an adventurous strategist. We’ll risk a computer virus to click on “Top Ten Drugstore Finds Under Ten Bucks.”
 Perhaps you carry a bit of debt, and I’m not judging you. And if you’re anything like me, your voice does not quiver with apology when you explain you are of the high maintenance sort, and you’d rather not spend the weekend camping. Mama no go sleepy without moisturizer. Hello.


Product whores stick together. Power in numbers. I know your make. I got you, sister. People listen to you. We’ll listen to you. You don’t let your friends turn orange in a self tanner catastrophe. Hell to the no.
 This site will enable us to help each other out. Comment on what we love, and bitch that we’re pissed we wasted our money on some hyped-up nonsense. Check back often, because the site will constantly be changing. New products will go up daily, and we’ll review the ones you’re raving about. This is just the beginning!


Here. They come in here. Why?

One of the key features of the site will be a strong focus on indie brands.  Of course, we’ll review the tried and true brands we all know and love.  But there are products out there being developed by cosmetic entrepreneurs that are every bit as good as the established brands. Their ingredients go neck in neck with the big guys, but they spend less (sometimes nada) on marketing and advertising. They just put all profit back into product quality and inventory. So how are we PW’s supposed to find them? They’re hiding out in the depths of Brooklyn and the hills of Austin. There they lurk in their labs (and apartments), mixing up miracle potions and elixirs, doing their research on how to make us PW look and feel divine. Our site is discovering those indie brands and helping them spread their message. Oh, and keeping them in business!  If you are an entrepreneur with your own cosmetics, line, or if you love an indie brand, please drop us a line.  Tell us who you are and send us your very best to review. Touch base here: Contact Us

There’s no way I could do this alone. I’m just one product-picky and persnickety bitch here juggling way too much. There’s a two year old in my house who wakes up with big ideas (and has learned to use his highchair as a ladder to microwave his pacifier with a nectarine), plus I’m nine months preggo with another. The TEAM is what we are all about. Gracious sigh. CUE THE TEAM!!!


301630_2464737016650_1671267452_nWe needed lab rats with a strong opinion, vicious wit, and a sharp tongue. And G-d bless Angela’s punctuating skills. She is the bomb dot com, and below is her bio. But suffice it to say Angela has tried kazillions of products, knows her shiznet, and loves spreading the wealth when she stumbles on an invaluable nugget. And I’m all about ingesting nuggets. I’d like to clone Ms. Scollo. But for now, here she is – the one and only:


Angela Scollo discovered her inner and outer Product Whore at the age of 10, when she was poring over a Glamour, and decided to replicate the looks inside… all at the same time. Since then, Angela has worked with Lush Cosmetics and La Mer, and has been thrilled to bond with PWs from sea to shining sea over exactly how many lip liners one needs, or the overwhelming pride one feels when one is handed a Sephora VIB card…

Angela resides in NYC with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (The Product Pup), and is on a never-ending search for the exact perfume cocktail to counteract the noxious early morning subway fumes.


Jeff UngerDon’t let him fool you. Jeff’s involved here, too. He married the Product Whore. The news didn’t just sneak up on him.  There was full disclosure before we tied the knot. When I started spending the night, I think I had a drawer before I had a key.  Actually, it was like this…

Him:  Babe, I cleared out a few drawers so you’d be comfortable to stay over more.

Me:  Aww… I’ll see if I can make that happen schedule-wise. (Sound of neck craning around to the bathroom) Huh. Ohhh. Mmm.

Him:  What? You need more space?

Me:  Yes.  Most definitely. Specifically in the bathroom.

No false advertising on my end. I think my dating profile said something like, “While I enjoy a hike, don’t even THINK about taking me camping. Mama no go without her eye cream.” Soon enough, I was explaining to Jeff how different lotions have their merits, and why I enjoy rotating exfoliators for maximum punch. (I said this in the same breath as, “By the way, I’m not big into jewelry” – a notion I’ve since reversed 🙂 And the mail order boxes were arriving at a rapid rate well before we were married, too. So it was never a secret. I was an out-of-the-closet PW from the start. And Jeff loves it.

Thanks so much for reading to the very bottom. I only half thought someone would make it this far!

Leyna Juliet Weber